My mothers classical guitar had years of dust accumulation when I discovered it in the back of a wardrobe. I was 10 years old and immediately fascinated. A love affair began. Growing up, busking was my favourite thing to do and I would sit on a milk crate for hours, strumming my instrument.

I started performing in cafes and restaurants, playing Bossa Nova, Blues, Pop and Flamenco. It was so much fun, people appreciated it and I even got paid. During this time I couldn’t sing, so I put a lot of energy into guitar. Creating my own arrangements of songs, I would fuse the melody with the chords.

I fell into songwriting by accident. One day I was bored, messing around at home. I found a few notes I liked, then I had a riff, and then an hour later I had a song. I enjoyed the songwriting process and wanted to do it again.

My life changed in 2017. I was playing a gig in Nundah. The manager put a microphone in front of me, I told him I couldn’t sing. He gave me a dirty look and it put me off. The gig sucked and I went home feeling miserable. This experience spurred me into action and I began learning to sing.

It’s been a few years since that gig and I’ve come a long way, but there’s still room for improvement. I’m hungry to get better and this desire is what drives me. I view singing as an extension of my guitar and this perspective has helped me grow as a musician. Guitar was my first love, songwriting was my second, and singing was my third. Putting it all together is what I love the most.